Starting Over and Combining Multiple Graphs

Hi everyone, first time poster, long-time PKM seeker.

Really happy with Logseq. I have four graphs on my laptop, and three on my iOS devices. I believe this was because I started on my laptop, then installed on my phone. My phone demanded that the home folder be in a specific place to make iCloud sync work, so I switched to that.

In any case, I fumbled the setup and I have some info in those graphs I’d like to get into my “main” graph that I’m using full time. I’d also like to switch to Logseq’s sync (and, I think, included automated backup?) as iCloud makes me crazy.

I don’t know how to do that. I think I should export my graphs, combine them somehow, start fresh, then re-import? But if they’re all text files, should I just combine all files into folder, and then simply reindex? How over-complicated am I making it?

Any guidance appreciated. Thank you!

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I would use a tool like WinMerge to merge the folders, then I will reindex. And of course, make a backup before.