Stop logseq pasting markdown links

Is there any way to stop logseq from formatting text that I paste in as a Markdown link? For example, if I copy a date like Feb 3, 2023 when I paste it I get [Date](Feb 3, 2023). I am pasting from a TextSoap window set to plain text, so it is not something in the text I’m pasting in. This happens even if I use Command-Shift-V to paste.

To anyone who stumbles on this in the future, I figured it out. I have a template with placeholder text like author and url. If I double-click to highlight url and paste, I get a link like [url](stuff I pasted) but if I don’t highlight url it pastes correctly.

This behavior makes sense when you realize what it is doing, not so much when you don’t. :slight_smile:

Another option if you want to avoid all formatting – useful when copying from webpages or other HTML-formatted text – is to use ctrl/cmd + shift + v to paste as plain text.

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So basically just press Delete before Ctrl+V.

when I paste it I get [Date](Feb 3, 2023).

Sounds like the meta data provided by TextSoap caused this

No, it’s wasn’t TextSoap at all. It is just Logseq behavior I wasn’t expecting. Let’s say I had a text in a note that looked like this:

url:: url

If I highlight the text url on the right and paste, Logseq replaces it with [url](pasted-text). If I delete those characters and paste, it doesn’t do this and I just get get pasted-text. If I highlight the word booger and paste text over it, Logseq replaces it with [booger](pasted-text). 100% repeatable.

It makes sense, it was just unexpected. I just need to create my template without the placeholder text on the right and all is well.

That combination does not work if you have text selected.