Strange Folder behaviour caused by Logseq

Hi guys!

I am facing a strange behaviour. I have a folder created for LogSeq which ist called … LogSeq. This folder is in pcloud. As soon I start LogSeq, a folder is being created in the root folder of pcloud called markdown files.

In this flder I can see the following content:
1 folder: logseq
2 Files: config.edn, pages-metadata.edn

As soon I delete this folder, it is being created again automatically.

In the logseq folder itself (pcloud root directory), there is only

I have no idea where my md files are being stored :slight_smile:

Is there anywhere a description how the folder structure of LogSeq ist being setup?


Logseq folder structure is the following

├── assets
├── journals
├── logseq
├── pages

The logseq folder stores logseq configurations. The pages folder is where your pages will be stored. The journals folder → journals. The assets folder is created and used for storing assets such as images.

Hey Bader!

Thanks for the explanation!

I was shifting around like a stupid beginner with the folders and now LogSeq does not find the folder with the journals and the files. How can I tell LogSeq which folder it should open?


If the folders journals and/or pages doesn’t exist in the directory where you opened the graph, logseq will create them. You can not specify a different folder structure in logseq.

Test it by creating a new empty folder, then open it in logseq and create a test note.


This is. where I struggle: I have moved my content from a cloud folder to another cloudfolder and now I want to tell LogSeq where it should search for the files, but I cannot find any option in LogSeq to say: Open file …

Or do I just don´t find the function to open an existing fault?


See the screenshots below on how to add a graph
Then click on this:

Dear Bader!

Thanks for your help. Yesterday I found out by chance that what I expected to see as “Open folder” or “create a new folder” is called “Graph” in LogSeq. I do not get the logic why this is called graph, but now that I know it, everything is okay. There was no strange behaviour in LogSeq, there was only a lack of knowledge: you know: P.I.C.N.I.C. = Problem In Chair Not In Computer

Best regards from Vienna!

No worries glad I could help. Checkout the documentation page for more information


  • description:
    • a discrete collection of notes and other content. Logseq repositories contain individual files, a database that relates those files.
  • produced by:
    • Logseq graphs are created by connecting Logseq with an existing folder or online repository.

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On Obsidian they are even called “vaults”. Also “graphs” in Logseq is not really intuitive but the reasoning is that the pages in the same folder/graph are linked together to form a graph and pages from different folders/graphs are not linked.