Structured data in notes as natural way of note making like Nomie app

I have been waiting for properties 2.0 implementation in logseq, along with other cool features. This will enhance the structured data in notes by increasing the ability to track and gain insights easily.
I just realized that Nomie app has been doing this brilliantly for the past few years.
I have used Nomie app intermittently whenever I felt like tracking or logging. There are some cool features of Nomie which I think can be adopted in Logseq. E.g.

  1. All notes can be tracked by default with various trackers like location, context, people, and other trackers
  2. in built graphs and dashboards
  3. configuring each tracker easily and with default stats, timeline, and easy entries in calendar view
  4. UI in general is very intuitive and user-friendly.

Here, all trackers can be considered as properties 2.0, but with more rich UI and configurability.

Hope this is not too much to ask. #feature-requests

Annnnd Nomie is shutting down :frowning: