Struggling figuring out ways to pull out files/pages created within a specific date

Hello community,

I’m struggling with finding a way to query files/pages that’ve been created in a specific date.

I tried using these 2 query (can be found below):

   :query [
           :find (pull ?p [*])
           :in $ ?start ?end
           (between ?p ?start ?end)
    :inputs [ :1d :0d ]

{{query (between created-at today tomorrow)}}

But they show me only the journal files between that timeframe. My desired outcome is to have a list of all the files/pages created within a specific day.

If you’ve been using Obsidian before, you might know what this following query means:

where file.cday = date("24-08-2022")  
sort file.mday DESC  

I really appreciate your help and thank you so much.