Struggling with Organization - note box ? colors ? hashtag visual?

Hey guys,
any resources to get better clarity for my eyes to follow the flow of my thoughts?
I heavily rely on different colors, and whitespace.
Perhaps there is a way to make hashtags look a certain way or a !Note box ?

Like take this for instance:

and in Logseq, I found a plugin that I can right click for colors; but I feel like there are some aspects I don’t know how to effectively capture

Especially if I have a summary node at the end ; that combines both thoughts…

Q) is there a way to have a particular CSS for a hashtag so go #note ; and it styles everything on that block a certain way ?
I need visual help in general

Perhaps the “Diagrams as Code” plugin? If you know (or have time to learn) any of the diagraming types the plugin supports, that would probably serve your purpose.

You can use CSS to format based on tags, if you know (or have the time to learn) about CSS. I’ve not tried it yet in logseq for anything more complicated than changing font and background colors, but you can do almost anything you want in CSS, if you know how. This is a bit off topic, but really cool, and might inspire: Text Effects with CSS (and a little contenteditable trick) | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks