Stuck in Loading frame after last update

Stuck in loading screen after last update (0.9.7).
Windows 11.

Same here, I am new to logseq and just signed up to report it. I hope this can be fixed soon as update is automatic…

Edit: I am also on Windows 11, please let me know if there is any other information you need.

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Update: deleting my configuration folder seems to have solved it, for reference it is under


Not sure what might have caused it, I had the Readwise plug-in installed and when I was in that frozen state I could not open the plug-in page so it might be related, but it is just a hunch.

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I ended up just reverting the update.

Same problem here (Windows 10) and I reverted the update too. I have a bunch of plugins (all up to date), but not the Readwise plugin, and I didn’t feel like troubleshooting.

Here’s my plugin list:
Move Block
Link Unlinked References
Todo list
Journals calendar
Markdown Table Editor
Bullet Threading
Smart Search
Block to page
Link Preview

update to Logseq 0.9.8; the issue is resolved