Suggestions for enhancing the "collapse" and "expand" functions

Suggestions for enhancing the “collapse” and “expand” functions.

  1. We can control the depth of “expand” and “collapse” globally. This will allow us to quickly understand the outline and hierarchy for some forgotten articles, and eliminate unnecessary interference.
  2. You can also control the depth of “expand” and “collapse” on the sub-blocks. For the same reason as above, it allows us to quickly review the content of the sub-blocks, while avoiding interference.

Similar function reference:
iThoughtsX: Show N levels or sub topic deep : [0-9]
URL: FAQ: Keyboard shortcuts — toketaWare

Yes, I am still relying on Transno for this and for breadcrumbs





I saw a similar feature.

Yes, exactly - it can be seen in the right-hand Shortcut bar of all my pics above.

I also like the focus/drill-down feature and the correspondìng breadcrumbs on top.

Now if they only implemented backlinks I’d be very happy.

CheckVist, another outliner just did that - but they don’t have the mind map feature.

I love switching back & forth between outline & mind map.

Haha😂, very much looking forward to mind mapping on logseq. My “iThoughtsX” should be retired.

Global folding by level

I like this idea a lot! This is similar to the level folding that most text editors support.

I propose the keyboard shortcuts cmdk1, …, cmdkN for the different levels, since that’s what VSCode does (though I’m not sure if that’s standard in other programs):

Selection folding

A second enhancement that’s not on your list but would be great is if the user could fold all blocks they’ve selected. This would be similar but not quite the same as global fold.

Right now, when you select N blocks and then hit the fold arrow to the left, it only folds the one you clicked. I find this behavior surprising. I propose we change it to fold all selected blocks.

Would the core team be open to PRs that introduce these 2 behaviors?

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Love this idea too!
Yes, PRs are welcome!

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