Support checkboxes syntax from GitHub Flavoured Markdown

- [ ] 123
  - [ ] foo
  - [x] bar
- [ ] ~~456~~

could be rendered as:


Why not TODO/DONE:

  1. It’s not widely supported Markdown syntax (i.e. might be less convenient to work with external editors)
  2. It doesn’t allow to conveniently cancel tasks (you still can do TODO ~~foo~~, but since DONE is crossed as well that’s confusing)
  3. It only makes sense for tasks, while checkboxes can have different meaning

There is canceled keyword.


For now, you can insert org-mode check boxes as Logseq supports it.

image image

The above example might not be consistent with markdown syntax, so you can try using plain lists starting with +.

- Today tasks,
  + [ ] foo
  + [ ] bar
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There is canceled keyword

Oh, I didn’t realize that, thanks

For now, you can insert org-mode check boxes as Logseq supports it

I see, then my request should be rephrased to extend checkbox syntax to allow treating a regular block as a checkbox, i.e. - [ ] foo that is treated as a separate block rather than + [ ] foo that is a line in a single multi-line block.


Note for anyone else looking for how to use checkboxes in markdown mode: You can have a list of plain clickable checkboxes if you put a * before each one, making a bulleted list. You also have to have a line of plain text before the checkbox, and do it all in one block. Pretty inconvenient, but it works.


* [ ] do a thing
* [ ] do another thing
* [ ] do the last thing

Looks like it also works with + instead of * as mentioned above.

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