Support ( for diagramming

Excalidraw is fine but I’m more of a fan of - Obsidian integrates this nicely with a plugin. Would be great if Logseq could too.


also a user and never thought of this, would be great to see. i dunno if you can change the forum after submitting a post but maybe this is something for the plugin forum? Plugins General - Logseq

I support this! is just as good as Excalidraw and is even better for making diagrams.

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+1 for That would be a great addition for IT Professionals!

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+1 for, need add preview for local .drawio file, and can invoke (web or app) for edit graph.

+1 for / made this acc just to say that

same here
+1 for


PS: you should vote this here too: Whiteboard: import

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Check this plugin

lee88688/logseq-drawio-plugin: embed and edit drawio in logseq (


This is excellent, thanks