Support epub format ebooks


Maybe this can help GitHub - futurepress/epub.js: Enhanced eBooks in the browser.

I am looking forward for this feature for a long time

Hoping for that feature too :pray:

For your interest, Calibre (the most complete ebook manager) let you copy epub annotations as Markdown, that include a URI with the scheme calibre://. So when you click that link in Logseq, Calibre opens the target ebook at the right page.

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I also wish that direct support for epub , azw is a BIG bonus within Logseq.
Given that the current support for pdf is really amazing, I have high hopes that epub formats will eventually be included without having to convert to pdf ,etc.

could you point me to where I can find out how do that? Couldn’t find the scheme of the annotation in the Calibre help document The calibre:// URL scheme — calibre 6.11.0 documentation

Sorry the images are in Italian, the translation is something like:

Right Click on a book > Read > Browse annotations > Export all selected > Markdown

Notice that you can select multiple books before the right click and from the dialog export only annotations from the selected books.



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