Support epub format ebooks

It’s very nice if logseq can support epub ebooks like PDF.

I would love this too. Great suggestion

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Koodo Reader (JS based) Integration would be interesting.
EPUB, MOBI, DJVU and CBZ are included.


Obsidian now have a plugin that can annotate both PDF and epub files, maybe logseq can do the similar.


Recognizable PDF books are too hard to find, please update to support mobi, equb format, so logseq can be a better note taking software


My current workaround (even if I have the epub or mobi file) is to convert them all into pdf files using Calibre. I find it a lot easier to work with this way. I think epub and mobi file has too many moving parts and inconsistencies. Finding a good epub reader for my Android tablet took me months and multiple tries with many apps before I settle with Lithium. If the epub only have text then it’s easy, but if it has complicated element such as diagrams, tables, etc. I find the performance is every inconsistency.

Let’s say with area highlight, since pdf view everything is “fixed” on the page, Logseq can just remember the highlighted area, but epub allows you to change font size, etc, which I believe makes it very hard to use the same highlight mechanism.


So we’ve got the elements of something amazing. Between Readwise + Kindle, you can pull Kindle highlights from Logseq. The only thing remaining is to be able to easily pull up the location if you have the book in Calibre, or to invoke a search for a word in Calibre. At that point everything you’ve read will be accessible via Logseq for note taking and making connections.

Could we invest in a Calbire integration that is this seamless? I’d be happy to put $100 or $200 behind this feature request.


Going to bump this to see if we can get some more votes and interest

I think this would be very useful.

I need this in my life :pleading_face:

It would be really great!!

I’m excited about this possibility too!

Hey, if this can be done, it would be amazing! I would add an extra $100-200 for this request

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Was going to add a forum entry and glad to see it’s already here! “Imitating” Obsidian plugin might be best first step here.

All this said, actual longform reading is probably more pleasant on an eink device in a normal reader.

Probably, but taking notes from a book (pdf) in Logseq is cool because you can take notes and still have context (with block refs). Which allows you to rediscover your notes more deeply if you need it.

Having an epub reader would allow you to do that but with greatly enhanced reading experience.

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An integration to connect ebook managers like Calibre or a built-in feature supporting reading epub, mobi, etc. ebooks would be both amazing.


Ideally there would be an integration with a proper epub reader.

I imagine a system where the reader application would allow you to read, highlight, and annotate sections of a book and save all of the relevant data (including links to the exact section) to a single text file per book.

This way, as long as the directory that the reader app is syncing all of your annotation files to is in your logseq folder, all of that data can easily be integrated into your graph!

I think this is a better idea than trying to force logseq into being an epub reader on top of being a note taking app. There are plenty of epub reader application developers we could reach out to if this is the direction the community decided to go.

Moon+, kyBooks, Kavita, Komga, etc… are all epub readers with active developers that might be interested in adding this feature.


+1 Revisting my own note again five months later as I appreciate how great the .pdf integration is and contemplate how nice and epub version would be as well.


+1 refresh from me too :slight_smile:

+1 refresh from me too :slight_smile: