Support for older OS (Mac)

Hi… I’ve been using Logseq for a while now as a replacement for many many solutions beforehand. Thank you all for putting this out there and continually improving it. However, I’m just wondering about backwards compatibility.

I still use macOS 10.14.6 Mojave for a variety of reasons on my workstation computer, a nicely tweaked super hackintosh machine (I mainly use Logseq on an Android phone and a M1 MacBook Pro). Today I clicked on ‘restart to update’ in Logseq only to discover the newest version 10.3 no longer works. After trial and error I found that 10.1 is the last version to work on this OS. So I downgraded on this machine.

The problem is Logseq is automatically re-downloading the new version in the background so I get the dialogue on top prompting me to restart. Of course now I have a broken installation which ignores the version that I want and installs a version that won’t work on this machine.

How can I fix this? Will an earlier version stop the auto update? Is there a hack I can use to lock down 10.1?

(I realise of course that, e.g. Chrome is no longer compatible with this OS and I will be forever plagued with prompts to upgrade; but this machine is staying in the Mojave desert for as long as it can and having Logseq running on it makes things easier in this regard!)