Support jumping to specific time for embeded video

I use logseq as a bookmark to manage YouTube videos that I like. Sometimes, I took notes for a video. A cool feature I hope Logseq can support is to support jumping to specific time.

For example, here’s a video I collected, and notes I took. If we allow some way to mark a timestamp (00:10:12 for example), and allow jumping to that time when clicking, that would be super useful for notes taking.

As a reference, some podcast hosting platforms have this functionality built-in. If you go to this page, and click on a time link, it will start playing the audio from that time.

This can work well with Website Archive
(assuming youtube-dl archive support exists)

Usually adding ?t=90s to the URL jumps 90 seconds in (or &t=90s if it’s a longer format URL). That parameter can be used to bookmark any point in the video.

That will certainly work for links to videos in Logseq. However it seems to get filtered out if you embed the video. It would be good if it could be retained as often the key point being referenced comes some way into the video.

Yeah, I’m sure there’s certainly a (not so hard) way to achieve it. Hope this FR can get prioritized :slightly_smiling_face:

Your YT video


@ 00:10:12

Works from Logseq: with #t=612



Until we get our own plugin I am experimenting with a Obsidian plugin


… as explained in …:

Obsidian x Youtube take notes 用 obsidian 做 Youtube 筆記


Running LogseqWEB & Obsidian Mobile together:

I create a new Local vault with LogseqWEB on my Chromebook e.g. called myYT_Bookmarks

I create a page called YT

I open my Obsidian Mobile App(Android)

With “Open folder as vault” I open the folder I created in Logseq and open the YT page.

I then in Obsidian proceed as described in the video above.

My YT bookmarks/timestamps created in Obsidian[video is embedded]
… are available to me in Logseq
but not embedded - will open externally at the correct time.


The Logseq / Obsidian interaction is well shown in this YT video by Betty Zhang:

Obsidian and Logseq Side by Side Comparison

This has been supported in 0.3.9

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