Support OPML as file format

OPML is a standard format for representing outlines. It would be really great to be able to support this format. Since OPML also supports attributes on each headline it would be a very natural way to store properties like id.

definitely agree :slight_smile:
moreover adding pages from other kinds of infinite outliners (e.g. dynalist) in their original structure would be much easier without having to do a lot of afterwork. Even some mindmap programs support OPML exports and make it thus possible to convert a mindmap into a structured logseq page :slight_smile:


Thank you for the suggestion! We replied here :smiley:


It’s great to hear you want to implement OPML support in logseq.

I put together a checklist of resources to help you along, including lots of examples and JavaScript source code.

I’m happy to help in this process, it’s super important to get our worlds connected. Really excited about this!



Thank you so much! Your checklist and the OPML examples are super helpful for us, we’ll start working on it next week.
Interop, no lock-in!


I could tell from the design of your software that you’re a member of the No Lock-in Club. :slight_smile:


For anyone curious about the current status of OPML support, import for it does exist however there are a number of major bugs which make it unusable.

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This feature is really important in order to import data from mind-mapping tools. I personally have a lot of mind maps I made with XMind, which has the ability to export to OPML. I tried importing them to Logseq, but it does not work. Would be very happy if it gets fixed.

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