Support standard org-mode

Now that we have standard MD syntax it would be great to see standard org syntax supported.

An outline of how this might work:
Headings can be made with *
Non-headings use -
A heading does not require a - before it to be a heading or to be indented

  • Is a top level indent and heading level 1
    ** Would be indented by 1 and be a level 2 heading.

Obviously this raises the question of 'What if you first block is: “** heading text”? ’
I would say this should just be treated as a full out-dented block and still a a level 2 heading.

So in essence this functionality would work as follows:
The number of stars sets the heading level.
A heading with a greater number of stars will be the child of any heading above that has a lesser number of stars.

I think we should try keep the syntax consistent with actual org-mode so a block starting with a * below a normal block is not treated as a heading. This is what happens in emacs
eg :

  • text
    • this is not treated as a heading
      Not dire but something to think about

Great idea! It would be awesome for org-mode users!

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