Support SVG (or other vector image format) rendering?


Is it possible to add functionality for rendering SVG or similar vector image format(e.g., pdf or esp)?

I know logseq already provides a drawing functionality, but it lacks functionality compared to vector graphics tools such as Inkscape or Illustrator.
Furthermore, many scientific graphs are usually exported as vector graphics, which cannot be generated through the embedded drawing tool of the logseq.

Currently, I convert vector images into raster images(png) then make a note against them.
So it requires an extra step, which is quite cumbersome.
Further, it is hard to find associated vector images when I needed them. (mostly scientific writing)

If we can directly annotate the vector image inside of the logseq, it would be much handy.

I add SVG images like I would do with PNG ones and it just works. Maybe this is an old issue?