Swap a blockref with the original item

Since switching to Logseq there is almost nothing I miss from Roam … with one exception. I really loved the Roam feature to be able to swap a blockref with the original item (leaving a blockref where the original item was and having the current block act as the original). Rome also let you bring the child blocks along as well, which I thought should be the default choice. Any chance of something similar for Logseq?

This would enhance the drafting process for the writers so much! Strongly vote!

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This is something that I miss from Roam for sure. Would love to see this!



Thanks! Did you just put this together? GitHub - hkgnp/logseq-swapblocks-plugin

Off to a great start. Have you seen some of the other functionality that Roam provides? Would love to see similar additions.

Thanks. Yes some folks on Twitter have made it known to me as well.
Currently the plugin API does not really support some of these but I am working with the dev team on seeting if it is possible.

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