Swaping 'Enter' and 'Shift-Enter' on mobile (toolbar button ↪ still creates a new line instead of a new block)


 {:editor/new-block       "shift+enter"
  :editor/new-line        "enter"}

produces in the desktop app the behaviour I seek: create a new line with enter and a new block with shift+enter. In the mobile app (android), I would like to achieve the analogous thing:

  1. to create a new line with the keyboard enter and
  2. to create a new block with the “toolbar enter” (the button with icon :arrow_right_hook:).

The code above achieves 1: pressing the mobile keyboard return key creates a new line. However, I haven’t achieved 2, the toolbar button still produces a new line.

All of this while in normal editing mode. Without any config.edn modification, the document mode has the return behaviour I’d like (though not the display style I want, which is the normal one: showing all bullets and indentation guides), pressing the button :arrow_right_hook: creates a new block. As the roles of the enter key and the toolbar button are reversed in document mode, I imagine it must be possible to reassign the toolbar button’s function to create a new block. I would be grateful for some help.