Switching to Logseq from Word based PKM

Hi everyone,

I have recently became aware of Logseq and it seemed like a great way of organizing knowledge gained from papers (PDFs), blogs, videos etc. My current “knowledge base” is comprised of 10+ word documents that are 100+ pages long and filled with text, clippings from all the sources mentioned above. I am fairly content with the structure&workflow:

Information “Extraction”

  • Highlight PDFs on my laptop/iPad/iPhone
    • Highlight types: line/area/freehand
    • Note taking on top of PDFs (using pencil brush etc.)
    • XODO PDF reader for Windows
    • OneDrive’s pdf reader for iPad/iPhone

Document Syncing

  • Use OneDrive to sync across devices

Information Aggregation

  • Manually add sections of info to their corresponding Word docs+sections


  • Use document names to guide which document to open
  • Use Word’s table of contents/navigation page to search or scroll to the right section

Main Question

I am wondering how to replace my word docs with logseq while keeping other steps of my process the same?