Sync Google Tasks. Let me know what you think about my first Logseq plugin!

Haven’t published it to market place yet.

If this works only for an hour there is not yet much stimulation to try it out, are you sure there will be a way to make this plugin periodically sync continuously in the future?

This plugin can do bidirectional sync with Google Tasks; it just needs a manual step to set the access token every time it expires. I haven’t found anywhere that Logseq actually allows Plugin initial OAuth2 authenticate sessions within the app.

this would be a huuuuge game changer if the auth issue is solved. From google I could sync my tasks with Morgen and a lot of otherapps.
One important thing for me is that all the taks in Logseq could be automatically send to google, without the need of extra comands or extra clicks which slow a lot the procees of taking notes.
I’ll keep an eye on this!