Sync issue: Mobile edits always overwrite desktop version

I use Logseqs own sync service. I know it is still in Beta but I just wanted to let you know of this problem. I use Logseq on a windows PC and on iOS. Often when I’m done with the day I put my computer in standby and then open Logseq on my phone. On my phone, tasks I had checked off on desktop are still in TOOD status. When I come back to Desktop in the next morning, tasks are unchecked there as well. But not jus ttasks. I wrote a long article yesterday on Desktop but on mobile the page was almost emply. I wanted to proofread the article now but saw that the almost empty version on my phone has been copied to Desktop. I thought I had lost all of my progress, but I’m relieved that in “page history” there is still a “local” bcakup kept that I could restore. I just hope theses issues get fixed soon - it feels like a one-way sync from mobile to desktop but not the other way around.