Sync with google drive

I created a folder in google drive with desktop google drive for my logseq thinking to work with another pc. one thing bother me is that if I want to use another PC from current PC, I would like logseq on current PC save all changes from cache to google drive immediately. I tried to do re-index. It seems work. Don’t know whether it’s a right way or not ?


You might want to consider using Syncthing - for me it syncs almost immediately between pc, pc#2 and phone.
Also I was able to set it up on a local NAS - so I always have one machine up for syncing the rest of them.
I’m not sure if on google drive it’s even possible to achieve this… I could be wrong though.

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Thank you Iron. I should have a trial run with Snycthing.

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re indexing is the right way to do that, but try syncthing, it’s better, for me