Syncthing write to file error

I’m JUST started using Syncthing to keep my graphs in sync between my devices.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why it throws back this error:

  • My main graph is located on my Desktop, and I sync that to my Laptop using Syncthing.
  • I set the permission level for both Computers to have “Send & Receive” within Syncthing so that I could use both computers and write to the file and it would sync the latest thing I did no matter which computer I’m using (or so I thought…)
  • I usually start and begin my day on my Desktop, open Logseq, and write what I need to. If I needed to use my Laptop when I’m out and about, then I could easily put my Desktop to sleep and pick on my Laptop knowing the data synced perfectly. Cool.
  • HOWEVER… recently, when I started my day on my Laptop with Logseq instead of my Desktop, I get that error… and so it leads me to come to the conclusion: it only lets me write to the file AFTER I FIRST edit the file on my Desktop… which I cannot figure out why it’s doing that…

Can someone please explain to me what I might be doing wrong?

I would like to have it so that no matter WHERE I start and open Logseq, it will sync my files either way.

This sounds more like a file permissions issue, more likely your laptop giving more strict permissions to new files.

Hey @alex0 - Definitely, that sounds about right. I cannot however figure out where to change the setting or whatever to allow my edits to take place.

That’s the real answer I’m lookin for.

I mean that this sounds more like a config issue of your OS or Syncthing maybe.

I figured out that I had to turn on write permissions by right clicking the folder, selecting “get info”, and then under permissions for my User, I just enabled “Read and write”