Synology Drive and Android App

Hi there!
I try to use Logseq because of the privacy opportunities. I store my Logseq files on a Synology NAS with Synology Drive. It works on my Laptop and my normal PC.

I’d like to enhance it to use it on my Samsung Tab S7 where I installed Synology Drive too. But I cannot choose my Synology as a Folder on the app. On the menu I can only choose local files.

Is there a workaround in my use case?

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Hi, I am not aware of a workaround but maybe this is the feature request that you should look for (I am not sure because I don’t know Synology Drive):

tldr: Logseq should adopt a more recent Android interface to access files.

Tanks. So the developers are in charge to Change the Situation. Is there another possibility to have the same files in Android and Windows?

You can try Syncthing. It sync folders peer-to-peer when at least two devices are online. If you already have a NAS, you could install Syncthing there too to ensure that at least one device is always online.