Syntax for TODOs due today

I want to do a simple query that just pulls todos with today’s date. Something like this…

{{query(task TODO) and (<%today%>)}}

But this is just pulling all my todos. Any suggestions?

Please read the documentation on queries:

Here is the correct syntax.
{{query (and (task TODO) <%today%>)}}


That seems to get the TODO that are marked with today’s date. Are you using Date Picker or Schedule for marking due dates?

I recommend /schedule because it allows things like repeat todos and it should show up under your daily journal automatically.

It didn’t work for me. Maybe I’m missing out on something?


This looks for tasks that have a reference to the specific journal page 2023-11-19. It seems that SCHEDULED doesn’t count as a reference.

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Do you happen to know which query should I use to get the scheduled tasks that are due in the current day?

Should use advanced queries, e.g. Query for all tasks Scheduled or deadlined for today

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