Table creation interface (not query table)

Just something simple when headers become automatically proprieties and can easily add/remove column/row with graphical interface. Like Evernote table
Easy edit a cell just by clicking in it
Copy/paste from excel/word/outlook table data

Nice to have:
sum, median, count ect. at the bottom of column
export to csv

Logseq already support extended Markdown table syntax. I use sites like to help create the markdown table syntax from spreadsheet/webpage when needed. It’s also simple enough to just type from scratch. Example GFM Markdown Table text:

| Tables   |      Are      |  Cool |
| col 1 is |  left-aligned | $1600 |
| col 2 is |    centered   |   $12 |
| col 3 is | right-aligned |    $1 |

It’s shown as below in Logseq v0.3.2

Unfortunately, Logseq doesn’t do GFM Markdown Table alignment syntax.


I would agree and would love to see better table support. Maybe I am spoiled from org-mode, but it has great table editing features… Be great if we could have a similar editing experience in LS. :slight_smile:

Using Emacs episode 54 - Org Tables - YouTube


Some information can be only used in table format. If it slowdown my productivity to enter all those « | » in between and to edit a cell I can’t use it.

It may be good for static data, but un project management those cell need to be updated frequently.

I think it’s needed before being able to work in team with a graph. At work in team everything go trough a table.


One approach to this may be just spreadsheet-like keybindings and some automatic formatting similar to Advanced Tables for Obsidian.

It notably does autoformatting for columns, has TAB and ENTER to move between cells and row, and a few buttons for common table manipulation like deleting columns.


I love the markdown table editor plug-in. It’s great.

Unfortunately the markdown table editor plug-in does not currently support text alignment (as far as I can tell). LogSeq recognizing syntax for column text alignment is still a needed feature.

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Yes. Have many tables I’ve pasted into Craft I want to move over. Please include a past into table feature. Thank you

Joined here to ask specifically about this feature!

I recently did a trial of Notion, Obsidian, Vimwiki and Logseq - the table-editing experience is my biggest desire from LogSeq. My thinking was to at least have some keybindings (tab, shift + tab and enter) for skipping to the next and previous cells and to the next row (Vimwiki is a great example). A GUI would be great as well!