Table of Contents on Export

Hi all,

this is my first post, so please let me know, when I do somehting I should not.

I use Logseq on a daily base in my professional life simply because it´s the best fitting app to my needs. But when you use somthing that often, you tend to think about other use cases as well. And I thought about: How helpful would it be, if I could use Logseq to produce some kind of (small to medium sized) help files? So I tried to export a very simple graph as HTML with a “Start”-Page that consisted of a Table of Contents (TOC) made of links to the chapters, everything within the same graph. After modifying the export.css I´m pretty happy with the output except for one thing: the TOC. Is there a way, that, when I open the index.html for the very first time, the TOC is showing up in the left or right side panel? I know there is a plugin (logseq-plugin-sidebar-preset by vipzhicheng) but it seems like plugins don´t get exportet.

It would simply be awesome, when someone has an idea to solve this, it would be so helpful. And it´s simply clumpsy to exlpain to everyone, that the “Start” should be Shift-clicked to appear on the right.