Tables in LogSeq

Hi, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some examples of tables in LogSeq. I can’t quite remember where but I think it might have been on the Discourse forum where people were showing alternative themes.

Is it possible to create tables and if so could anyone point me at an example.

A similar question for Kanban boards. I’m especially interested in creating a Kanban board where each column is populated by a query. I have something like this in RemNote where each column pulls in all feature requests from various other pages which have been tagged with a particular release number - each column represents a release. I would like to emulate this in LogSeq.


Is something like this useful? It seemed to work when I just tried it.

| Syntax      | Description | Test Text     |
| :---        |    :----:   |          ---: |
| Header      | Title       | Here's this   |
| Paragraph   | Text        | And more      |

I’m a newbie but had recently bookmarked:

and …


That’s very useful. Thanks.

I was also looking for the same thing. thank you for your help.

How about this plugin? Logseq Markdown Table Editor Plugin