Tables not in Feature Request?

I scrolled through the feature request twice and did not see the need for embedded tables listed. Did I miss it? This seems an obvious feature. Feels like I’m missing something here? Is there a clean way to create a Table and fill it in (Nov 2022)? Thanks

You mean like in Notion?

Only used notion for a test period so not sure. I just know I constantly like using them to organize data.

At least like columns in OmniOutliner?

You can use Markdown tables in Logseq.

Using the Markdown Table Editor plugin by haydenull actually makes it a pretty good experience.

Well, I selected it but for some reason it wont show. Is there a way to activate even though it says “installed”?

What do you mean by won’t show? Does restarting the app help?

Open the Plugins overview from the menu on top right. It has two tabs, one with installed plugins and one with the Marketplace you installed the plugin from.

In the installed tab, check if the Markdown Table Editor is activated from the toggle in the bottom right of its card.

Once activated you can right-click on a bullet point in Logseq and in that menu you should have the option “markdown-table-editor”. It let you insert a new table if the selected block has any.

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You rock. Will test and thanks so much.

Are there directions how to use this properly? Got it working but did not succeed in filling in rows.

Do you mean that once you add text in the cells it doesn’t appear in the block when you exit the table editor?

Ok after playing with it I can see how to initially set it up. Is there a way to get back to it to edit it?

You just need to right click on the bullet point and if that block contains a Markdown table you will be able to edit it :wink:

Ok got it. That’s Great Alex. Thanks for your help. Fills a gap in my workflow.

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