Tablet annotations interfering with PDF reader highlights

Hi all!

I have just discovered Logseq, and I have been playing with it for a couple of days.

Upon learning and testing its features, I was ecstatic! It looked like the Zotero integration and PDF reader would finally allow me to implement an ideal workflow for processing academic papers.

But I have now encountered a major roadblock: the tablet annotations do not allow me to highlight.

I thought that, after syncing my annotated PDF to Logseq, I could now use the highlighter to save quotes.

Unfortunately, it looks like the area that I annotated is not available to the Logseq highlighter!

As you can see, in between annotations, the cursor does not allow me to highlight:

Instead, below the annotated area, I can still highlight:

Is there a way to solve this problem and be able to highlight?

As a workaround, I have taken area screenshots. This could (kind of) work, even if it’s not ideal. The screenshot is very small, though, and the text is difficult to read:

Is there a way to make the screenshot bigger, or to have it pop out?

Well, I understand that’s not a real screenshot, so maybe that’s the issue.

Anyway, reading and annotating with a pen on a tablet is a fundamental aspect of my workflow (I use an IPad and an Apple pencil.) Annotating keeps me focused while I read, and makes me feel as if I am really interacting with the paper.

So my ideal workflow goes like that:

  1. reading and making a ton of annotations on a tablet
  2. In Logseq, look at my annotations, select the information I really want to keep working on, highlight, and keep processing

Does anybody have an alternative workflow combining tablet annotations and highlights?

Thank you in advance!