Tagging every Block or using Block Properties

Hi guys,

my graph is filling up more and more and i am starting to question some of my approaches. One thing i am not sure about is tagging every block vs. using block properties. As i understand, both should be basically the same. A block-property is inherited by every child of the block.

Let me explain by using some visual examples. I made two book-summary as. For one (bible) i used block properties (and marked the words in question, as i usually do):


For the other one (lord of the rings) i used tags at the end of every block:


If i query for “love”, there is no difference. Both quotes are being found.
If i query for “love” and “god”, or “love” and “tolkien”, again the results are found. This tells me that indeed the parent-block-properties are also part of the child-block-properties.

But if i want to go without my own queries and use the built in ones (filters on pages), than it doesn´t seem to work the same way. If i am on the love page and want to know “hey, what did god say about love” no “god” filter is shown.

I hope i did make my point clear. I use tags on every block because of this, but i would really like to keep things simple. And block-properties that are part of every child block would be way easier on the eye.
Let me know if you have some solutions for this problem. Also, if i got something wrong, don´t be afraid to teach me a lesson.

PS: bible and lord of the rings are just some well known examples. don´t be offended :slight_smile:

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As far as I know, block-properties are not inherited by children, and is likely why you aren’t seeing God or Religion in the Filters. Tags by contrast are inheritable, so depending on how hierarchial or how specific your information is, one of the two options is likely better.

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Thanks for your answer!
I tried it out, but it is not working for me. Seems that tags for parent blocks are not inheritable, at least as far as filtering is concerned. In queries it will work. But queries also worked with block-properties, so there is no gain here.

I found out that there is a request, that is very similar to my problem, so i will link it here:


More of a side-note: I don’t quite get why your are tagging stuff on the page Lord of the Rings as lordoftherings. In Logseq tags are just different visual representation of links. (So, in a way, “there are no tags”.)

You simply created an additional Link to a page called lordoftherings. Feels redundant to me.

Instead you can use #[[Lord of the Rings]] as tag (elsewhere). Seems to make little sense (to me) to tag a block on that very same page like that, though.

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Thank you bogenschlag. It absolutely is redundant, thanks for the note.

I just updated my logseq to version 0.8.8 and now it seems to be working.
I now can filter the linked references to parent-block properties.