Tagging Philosophy - General Wondering

Hi guys,

I am still in the process of filling up my graph with all my notes and informations.
Doing this, i am wondering what your style of tagging is. I haven´t found a similar post in the board, if there is one, please feel free to direct me there.
Let me give you an example of what i mean with “tagging philosophy” by working with year/season/month/date:

If you would tag every block with year it wouldn´t make sense, because if we are talking dates, it would include absolutely everything. Your Tag would give you back all blocks of the year so to speak.

If you would tag the blocks with the four seasons of the year you would have a more differentiated grouping of blocks. You therefore would find information much faster if you are looking for a specific season.

If you add tags for every month they would be very specific, giving you more possibilites, but also of course more tags to keep in mind when looking for information.

If you would tag blocks with every date of the year you would be very very specific, but would end up with a vast amount of tags, making it almost impossible to find common themes and group information.

I hope you get what i mean. What is your personal tagging philosophy? Where do you see the breaking point of being specific on the one hand and creating too many different tags on the other hand?