Taking Notes for YouTube Video Course

I like to use Logseq to take notes for a YouTube course. When I place the Videos on a page, they are not high enough:

It’s very important, that I can see as much as possible of the video content, since my notes contain CSS code etc.

I guess, an alternative would be to watch the video on the left, and take notes on the right. My notes should show under the Video in a notes section, though. But I could not find a way to do this.

Writing this, I am thinking if it would make more sense to create a page for each lesson and add those to an overview page? Possible? Better Ideas?

Thanks for any suggestions :pray:t2:

There is a plugin to make your video float called Helium

Example usage


I was searching for the blog post where I found this information, there are more tips like using Ctrl+Shift+Y to put a clickable timestamp on the current part of the video.