Task queries for tags and future days

Was wondering if the following queries were possible:

  • Is it possible to do a query that shows any tasks without a tag?
  • I’d like to do another query that shows tasks grouped by tags. Is that possible? If so, what would be the best way to define a sort for those groups if I wanted them in a particular order?
  • Is it possible to do a query for any task due tomorrow? What about a week in the future? I know the default scheduled and deadline item shows today and in the future x days but I’d like to show in the future that doesn’t include today’s items.

I’ve leaned alot on the great work @Siferiax has done with queries!

Going to be referencing my website as it is a bit easier for me to find stuff :slight_smile:


No, we can sort our results by different things, but we can’t replicate the group-by-page view that is the default result view of blocks.
So we could sort by tag to have it look like

  • TODO tag1 task
  • TODO tag1 task 2
  • TODO tag2 task

Etc. But not actual grouping.

Yes, can define boundaries however you like.
Plenty of different examples on this forum.
But taking something very simple:

If we change the inputs from :today to :tomorrow you have a different timeframe.
Or you can change the [(>= ?d ?start)] to [(> ?d ?start)] and leave the :today in the inputs.

Let me know what you are looking for exactly if you need more help!

Where is the current syntax list for :inputs like this? I am using on of your advance queries from another thread and it’s working exactly as needed.
I have a page repeating the same query but iterated into Today, Tomorrow, +2, +3 days but I want to add a “everything after 7 days away” query to the list but can’t get it to work. I read somewhere that the


syntax was deprecated

Welcome. Check Query Inputs in the documentation.

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