Temp Location when logseq path is broken?

Hi, new user here. I am using google drive for my logseq files - it was drive G on my windows laptop. At some some point, the link to google drive must have broken. Logseq was still open and I was still taking notes for 3-5 days.

Now I get an error on my pc that I am running out of room so I let the computer delete Temp files and I deleted some other folders that I didnt need. Logseq still open, I am still taking notes.

I reboot my pc to see where I am on storage on drive C. Logseq does not open. I re-connect google drive. Logseq does not open. I reinstall logseq. Logseq opens but I am missing the additional 3-5 days of notes - very important but not critical.

Where might I find the 3-5 days of notes, e.g. location that logseq would have used to store these temporarily until it reconnected to google drive?

I have access to a pc back up that my company runs so in theory if it is local on my C drive, I can find at least up to yesterday’s notes?