Template insert error: Conflicting upserts

I created a list of tasks ( “chores”) and made it a template.
I wanted to rename it ( saturday chores") and to do so , I removed the line “template” and use the “make a template” feature again.

Which was not expected, is that I have the two templates names in the list of available templates.
When I select the deleted one (“chores”) I get this error :
Template insert error: Conflicting upserts: [:block/uuid #uuid “65d45758-45ce-4f38-955f-2149285b048e”] resolves to 21903, but [:block/original-name “chores”] resolves to 21385

I reindex my graph, but I still have the problem.

If someone knows where this list of available templates is stored, let me know how to update it :slight_smile: (as it’s just annoying to get this tiny imperfection in my beautiful logseq design)

Many thanks !

Hello here,

After a while and several restarts of logseq, this behavior disappear (cache issue?)

Adding this just in case someone has the same issue in the future…