Template not parsed correctly

Why do the contents I create using Logseq templates appear with garbled symbols after re-importing? Could you please advise on how to solve this issue?

Welcome to the community @sir22dominic! To get better help, faster, it’s best to have a descriptive title. I’ve changed it for you now. You can change it if it doesn’t fit.

Also, have you tried searching the forum for similar issues?

thx,and do know how fix it?

I don’t know a solution from the context you’ve provided. But I’m not an engineer :man_shrugging:t2:

It’d help if you pasted the actual contents of the template (copied from the MD file on your disk) in a code block here. More technical users can then try to reproduce the issue. But with just a screenshot and not giving additional context, it’s difficult to say why it’s not working and what could be a solution. The more information you provide, the easier it’s to help.

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