Template Ordering

Not a showstopper, but when I type /tem{enter} to get my templates, they appear in the order I created them. Is is possible to reorder them so that my favourite template shows first on the list?

I found a way:

  1. Before you start, plan the order in which you’re going to delete and re-add your templates: each time you delete and re-add a template, it will go to the bottom of your list
    1a) Decide which templates you want to move down in your list
    1b) Decide what order you’d like these templates in
    1c) Start with the the one you want highest, and do the one you want bottom of your list last
  2. For each template you want to move
    2a) Cut it (select {ctrl x})
    2b) Check it’s removed from the template list (bring your template list up using /tem{enter})
    2c) Paste your template back where it was
    2d) Check your template list again: it should now be at the bottom
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