[Template] Selectable values in key-value pairs

Suppose we have a template as follows:

template:: paper notes
tag:: paper notes
status:: to-be-filled

When we use this template, we need to type in the value of status manually.

If we have a prespecified status set (e.g., {one, two, three, four}), would it be better if we can create a template like

template:: paper notes
tag:: paper notes
status:: {one, two, three, four}

and when we use this template, the value of status is selectable like the following figure

Nice idea! Would love to see this implemented!

Good idea. I’m also looking for a way to “validate” data entry into a template field

After inserting from a template, a person fills in the template, and adds data to the tags. For some tags there is a need to ensure data entry is consistent.

This need for me came about because I track “meetings” and in my template I track the “::client” I was trying to search and refind the meeting and I eventually found I’d made a spelling mistake.

::client NameOfAClient

instead I’d done something like

::client MissspeeeltName

I need a way so that the system presents me all valid “NameOfAClient” so I’m less likely to enter bad data