Templates: Insert unlinked date in defined format—possible?

Is it possible to insert the current date in defined format (which diverges from the date format for journal pages!) just as a text string? I’m trying to replicate a checklist template I have in Agenda right now, where I can do something like \date(format: 'lli_'yyyy-MM-dd'_1') (which eg. would give me the string lli_2022-07-14_1 today).

(I know about <%today%> but that does not solve my problem; neither do I want a link to today’s date nor do I want to change the journal date format form dd.MM.yyyy to something else.)


I have the exact same request, I just want to print the weekday and/or week number (of the year)… Hopefully someone can tell us how.

I found this: Allow complete control over date & time formatting in queries, macros & templates - #2 by alanchen

So it’s probably not possible, yet.

(Go on and vote, too—I did. :wink:)

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