Templates no longer showing

I don’t have this problem in Logseq. Some variants:

  1. Try to reindex graph
  2. Check your Templates, maybe you deleted them

You say you don’t remember the names of the templates; a template is defined when you add template:: name to the block (manually or through the right-click menu). So you should be able to see the template’s name when you look at the original template.

I wasn’t able to see that property-value pair in the templates you pointed out, so try adding it back. Maybe that line was deleted while you were updating the template arrangement?

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Will respond soon. Have not had time to retest. Somehow my template are no longer working though. May have to rebuild.

This has happened to me after I’ve edited a couple of templates, though only once so far (I decided it was because I included title:: for page templates). The original blocks were still there so I just had to re-add as template via the menu or type template:: newname directly into those blocks.

I misinterpreted you, thinking one of those blocks you showed was where the template was defined (I watched the video on my phone, sorry).
You should go to where you defined the template, whether you recall the [[page]] or use the properties seen in the video templates to find the original block among linked references. If you find the original block, just assign it as a template:: again and hopefully it stays put.

I don’t know why editing the template sometimes resets it, but it should be a quick fix once you get to it :+1: