Text entry bugs

I’m having text entry bugs with Logseq and am wondering whether these are known issues. Neither is happening in any other software I use.

  1. I’ll be typing, and suddenly the cursor disappears from the text field, as if I’d hit escape, and I have to stop and click back in to keep typing.

  2. I’m also getting constant, large pop ups—often multiple times while typing a single sentence—that ask whether I want to keep the version “in Logseq” or the one on disk, and I have to stop and click on one of the two buttons. Usually the versions are only a few characters apart; the one “in Logseq” is usually but not always the most recent version.

These are everyday and relatively constant occurrences. I’m using an Intel MBP with 16 GB RAM.

Is there a chance Logseq can’t write on the disk freely? Like, permission issues? I know this is vague, but it’s hard to debug further.

If it were me, I’d give a try to nightly version available on GitHub > Releases, but be careful as it can be even more unstable and you may want to use it with a test graph.

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Thank you again for reaching out.

If something is interfering with writing to disk, I doubt it’s outside Logseq, as the issue isn’t happening with any other program. To its credit, Logseq doesn’t ask macOS for full disk access, so there’s no setting there to change. (MS Office and VS Code do, I deny it, and they both work fine anyway.)

Also, that wouldn’t explain the text cursor suddenly exiting the line where I’m writing, as if I’d hit escape to enter one of Logseq’s double-letter keybindings.

I tend to think these are bugs in Logseq, and you may be correct that they’ll disappear in a future update. I’ll probably pass on the nightlies for now, which as you say will probably be even more buggy, though when I finally find the time to set up a Linux box again I may test them on that.

Thanks again for trying to help!

i haven’t heard anything like 1, but the last time I heard something like 2, I think it was caused by the sync service locking the file temporarily while it sync’s (I can’t remember if it was icloud in that case).
I also can’t remember the fix to that :joy: if you placed the graph in a synced service, you can try moving it out and see if it’s still bugged.

Keep in mind that Logseq “watches” the files continuously for external changes and has to decide what is the most recent, the version it’s trying to write or the one suddenly updated on the disk. That said, something can interfere with this decision even when Logseq is the only app running.

For example, if I use a sync service in addition to the Logseq Sync one, issues like this arise and it is a bit expected. Is it possible that MacOS has some sync or backup mechanism enabled by default? In that case, disabling it for Logseq graph folder may help.

@WQing @alex0 Thank you both taking the time to reflect on where these issues might be coming from. #2 definitely seems like it could be a syncing issue with iCloud, though I don’t see how #1 could be. BTW, I never mix syncing methods, because I know it can cause conflicts and corrupted data,

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