Thank you for creating my writing-thinking-publishing tool - Adam from Oz

:wave: Adam here,
:earth_asia: from Sunshine Coast, Australia.
:man_teacher: high-school teacher with aspirations of independent researcher/consultant; recovering aerospace engineer
:computer: very interested in no-code/low-code apps - could learn to code but don’t want to dedicate the time - too many other interests…

Thanks to the team for realising the tool I always wanted

  • Outline, folded writing
  • Linking of knowledge “nuggets” in multiple, complex ways
  • predictive note search
  • Easy publication via Github
  • Embed data visualization
  • with an awesome community…

Only been on LS a couple of weeks and I knew quickly I wanted to contribute. I wish it could be in code as well as $.

As a high-school teacher, I want to try to introduce my gifted & talented students to this higher-order note-taking. Local file storage gets us around education department network and data privacy restrictions, so thank you! And love the flashcard feature!! I wanted to get the kids to publish their notes via Github but student access to GH not allowed on network! :cry:

Looking forward to learning and growing through LS. Thanks for the huge support I’ve received from community already.

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Hey Adam, welcome! Too bad GitHub isn’t allowed at your school. I recommend they check out the GitHub Student package which comes with GitHub Pro. It’s been great for me!