Thank you for the helpful comments in the Logseq code

I am a novice trying to familiarize myself with the Logseq codebase in hopes of being able to help make improvements at some point. I just wanted to voice my appreciation for all of the explanatory comments and README files spread across the codebase. For me, other peoples’ code can be opaque and frustrating to understand. I think this is a major impediment to harnessing the full power of open-sourcing a software project. Thank you for trying to make things clearer and keep up the good work.

Thank you for the kind words, @DarthPleurotus! :pray: I think the engineers in the @staff will appreciate it, as well as the community contributors.

Any feedback on how we can make it even better is appreciated.

(I’ve clarified the title of your post a bit and added the kudos tag, I hope you don’t mind)