The difference between Logseq's block embeds and page embeds

In Logseq there are two ways to embed blocks:

  1. By embedding a block and its children
  2. By embedding an entire page with all of its blocks

Block embeds

The easiest way to embed a block is by calling the block embed shortcode using the trigger menu. Type /block embed, press the Down key, and hit Enter to select the option in the trigger menu:

Now, you get the following shortcode:

Between the ((double parentheses)), you place the address of the block you’d like to embed. Alternatively, you can start typing words here to search for a block.

Page embeds

Apart from (branches of) blocks, we can also embed entire pages. To do so, use the /page embed trigger to call the page embed shortcode:

Now, you get the following shortcode:

Inside the [[double brackets]], type the name of the page you wish to embed. Click outside the block and the page’s contents will show.

Not sure if you’ve embedded a block or a page? Page embeds always show the page name on top of the embed (in this example the page Parent A):

Hello, can I see the hierarchy of the embedded block somewhere? In Roam it is one click and hierarchy breadcrumb appears on the top of the embedded block. Do I miss something here, or the feature is missing?

Hi @Costel, the feature should work the same. But your Roam and Logseq examples seem to be different; in the Roam example, the block reference is on a different page whereas it’s not clear to me where you’ve referenced the block in Logseq.

Sometimes the Logseq block reference counter doesn’t register a newly created reference. In that case, a re-index of your graph (from the left sidebar) fixes the block ref.

P.S. I’ve just merged your two messages, to keep context.

Hello Ramses. Thank you for your assistance. My issue is that I couldn’t see the origin of the embedded block. The 2 pictures shows that. The examples are the same actually. I opened Page 1 and on Page 1 I wrote blablabla and then I embedded blablabla on the journal page. In roam you can see where the block is coming from (Page 1). In Logseq you have to open the embedded block in the sidebar. More click and more clutter just to check what was the original page.

I made a new screenshot from Roam. Now I embedded the same block on 2 different journal page. When I click on the block reference counter you can see also the original page where the block is coming from (highlighted in yellow) not ‘just’ the pages where the block was inserted. (And you don’t see the actual page you are on, which is logical.)

that is a super useful small feature which make easy to navigate with embedded blocks! If you have many embedded block one can get lost with Logseq. At least me.