Things are not intuitive here in Logseq

I’m new and things seem a bit random with Logseq; I could edit the date format in the Custom Configuration, but now this “edn” thing does not show anything and is empty. Also, the sync feature and its required payment is not explained well; when is the stable sync feature going to be released? if I pay and become a “backer”, what happens to my data if I stop paying? If my directory is my Google Drive, why won’t I already be able to sync across devices using the same directory?

Hi - welcome to Logseq.

I can’t answer your first question… it may be a bug.

The sync feature seems to be getting close, but rightly they haven’t put a date on it - they’ll want it to be working well and tested. I’d like some idea of pricing too - I have an idea of what I’d be willing to pay. Your files are always stored locally, so stopping paying would simply mean sync would stop.

I use Google Drive to sync and you are welcome to do so, but GDrive doesn’t know anything about blocks - just files. So it often creates conflicts or overwrites files if I’ve updated a file on two devices before they’ve synced properly. Not ideal. The Logseq sync will be ‘intelligent’ enough to know how to merge updates done on multiple devices.

What things are random exactly? Logseq works in certain ways that aren’t intuitive for sure, but they aren’t random.

Be careful with editing the dates, that is one of those things that you need to set up right at the start of your Logseq onboarding. I vaguely remember it causing problems when I changed mine after awhile.

Same thing with the notes format if you wish to use ORG format, you’ll want to set that before you make your first note if you want all your files uniform and not mixed between MD and ORG.