This time last year query in config.edn?

I am wondering what is the syntax for querying the journal page of this date yet exactly one year ago (eg today is Jun 27, 2022 and the query result is Jun 27, 2021). I found here that the logseq query is {{query (between -1y -1y )}}, which works. But I am wondering what is the equivalence for the query syntax in config.edn?

Anyone got a clue? Appreciate any input!

Okey I think I got the solution

    :title            "This time last year"                                                                        
    :query            [:find (pull ?b [*])                                                              
                       :in $ ?span                                                                      
                       (between ?b ?span ?span)                                                         
    :inputs           [:365d-before ]                                                                   
   :collapsed?       false}