Time error between logseq timeing and realtime

When i type ctrl+t to add current time to my journal the time is late one hour from my pc time how to solve this !

any help this really annoying!

Welcome. Where did you get ctrl+t from? Have you tried /time ?

sorry for the late reply, ctrl+t is a shortcut from a plugin in logseq to add /time
and i used /time and it gives me the time late one hour

Try opening the Developer Tools (e.g. with Ctrl + Shift + i), entering Date() in the Console and checking the result.

ok but can you check this Losing the template for daily journal every restart

But the current time in my pc is 3:09 Am not 2:09

This is the output from my main browser

If you are in Egypt, this year (2023) they have reapplied daylight-saving time (after many years and changes) to save energy consumption (source in news). There is usually a delay for software applications to apply this type of changes. Try updating to the latest version of involved software. If that doesn’t work, and until it is fixed in a future update, try changing your system’s timezone to a similar one or set the time manually (others with such an issue).

I use Linux… BTW :slight_smile: