TODO lists with lots of items, how to create and manage?

Is there a way to bulk convert lists to TODO items? E.g. paste a shopping list from a recipe, then turn each item into a TODO item.

What is the best practice to deal with these hierarchical TODOs? How do you keep them from showing up in a global TODO search?

Not sure if it will 100% answer your question but Tools on Tech on Youtube has a “Starter Kit” video which has a section on Todo Lists and organising them with queries and priorities.

I have been implementing some of this in my Logseq.

Here is the link

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Thank you, that is a good video, what he says at about 5 min how to use the sidebar is very useful.

Where I run into limitations is when I have a lot of sub items, let’s say a shopping list with many items.
Currently I paste, and then go through item by item with ctrl-enter to change the todo state.

I found this query to exclude sub-items from a search:

Hi, it’s me, the guy who wrote that query! to answer your original question, you can just select all the items and hit cmd+enter or your os equivalent. alternatively, you can right click on bulk selected items and select “cycle todo state” or something along those lines.


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Very nice! I am still playing with the query.